Math Placement Test

Preparing for the Placement Test

It is possible to familiarize yourself with the ALEKS program, take a practice test, and get a few hours of practice in its use before actually taking the Math Placement Test. To do so, see Preparing for the Placement Test. More extensive practice can be obtained through an on-line tutorial available from the B-W Bookstore.

Scheduling a Placement Test

The Math Placement Test is taken online through a website called ALEKS (Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces). The test must be taken on campus by scheduling an appointment.

To schedule an appointment, and for questions about the test, contact:

Professor Maria Mathews
Math Placement Administrator
Math & Computer Science
(440) 826-6882 ext. 1

Taking the Placement Test

*Be sure to bring a Photo ID, paper and pencil, and a regular or scientific calculator (no graphing calculators allowed).
*Remember that this is to be done in a supervised setting.
  1. Go to the ALEKS website:
  2. Click 'Sign up Now' above the Registered Users box.
  4. Complete the Answer Editor Tutorial (the test is not multiple choice).
    Note: If you are familiar with the program, keep clicking 'next' to skip through more quickly.
  5. You will then be given an "assessment" containing approximately 30 questions - this IS the Placement Test.

Some General Information

What To Do Now

When you finish the test, ALEKS will show your pie charts and a bar with a percentage. This is your Placement Score. This score represents how much you know of the overall material, NOT how many questions you got correct.
  1. If your score is > 40%, register for LAS 150.
  2. If your score is > 75%, register for a core MTH course.
  3. If your score is < 75%, register for COL 020 (Refresher Algebra).
    Note: You can purchase the ALEKS 6-week tutorial from the bookstore (or This will allow you to practice with ALEKS for up to 6 weeks. Then, on the first day of COL 020 (or any time during the semester), you can "test out" by scoring 75% or higher on an in-class assessment.

See Also:

Placement Administrator
Maria Mathews
(440) 826-6882 ext 1